Friday, August 29, 2008

Shameless plug

If everyone in the world did yoga there would be no war and everyone would be healthy and happy. Bold statement, I know.

Yoga is like a shower for your insides. When you are finished your practice, it's like you took your internal organs and all your muscle tissue and fibers and soaked, soaped, and scrubbed them, wringing them out.

It's like a re-set button. The beginning.

Yoga Mala, in Regina, is quite possibly the most supportive environment to do this.

Check it out.

I've been reading about yoga and doing it for quite some time. Only recently, however, have I invested the time to truly tune in to my body and mind.

It has been amazing and liberating and special.

One of the things I read before and understood on an intellectual level is that all of what we experience emotionally is stored in our bodies physically. Like, we have a memory of it in our mind, but we also have a memory of it in our body.

Made literal sense to me, but that was the only level I understood this.

A deepening practice of yoga, however, has really brought the idea to life.

I've been flooded by memories that I have then been able to let go. I have felt my physical body change at the same time that my emotions have stabilized. When I took the class initially, it was work to keep up with the flow and to understand how the poses worked. As the poses became, I wouldn't say second nature, but more easily accessed, maybe, I think I was able to go some places I hadn't gone in a long, long time.

At then end of a few classes I lay in savasana, tears rolled out of the corners of my eyes and down my face toward my ears. I was surprised. I hadn't felt sad entering the class, nor at any part. Why tears? Why the overwhelming sense of emotion? It was only later that I caught a glimpse of understanding. Yoga had touched me deeply, somewhere inside.

Sometimes we do call and response. About the third line in I choke up. I don't know the words, nor do I understand the language. But something catches me and evokes emotion.
If you want life changing, on any level, try this. And if you want to do it in a beautiful space, befitting the practice, try Yoga Mala.

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