Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wascana Hotel?

What if:

Our amazing city, our beautiful, mostly undiscovered, and slightly slow city (I say that in the nicest possible way, like you'd say it about your dippy little sister or crazy aunt) got a little bit aggressive. (Listen, prairie people, I know you don't like that word, but I'm not going to tone it down. Assertive just isn't going to cut it.)

What if:

We were a bit more outgoing, a bit more like that sister city up north.

What if:

There was a hotel on the corner of Wascana Parkway and Lakeshore Drive.

What if:

We moved the nursery that is there now. I'm sure if we put our collective heads together we could come up with another place.

What if:

The hotel was attached by a pedway to the Conexus Arts Centre.

What if:

Regina could market said hotel (I like the ring of Wascana Hotel, myself) as close to North America's largest urban park....including Central Park.

What if:

We could book conferences by virtue of our location...instead of in spite of. (I know, I know. We all know that if you look at a map of North America we're perfectly centre...but the rest of the world needs to be "educated". )

What if:

When you walked around the lake in the summer you saw lots of tourists...enjoying things like the Mackenzie Art Gallery, the Legislative Building, the Willow on Wascana, the ice cream, the Dragonboat Festival, the Storm Dragonboat tours, Willow Island, kayak rentals, canoing, sailing...Bazaart, festivals, movies in the park...

I know. Ridiculous. Why on earth would we use as a marketing ploy the most fantastic thing we have to showcase.

Why would we ask a worldwide hotel chain to put up a beautiful boutique hotel close to our (up and coming) downtown, our beautiful lake, our university, our technical school, art galleries, and museums.

It would almost be like we were....Saskatoon.


Anonymous said...

not gonna happen.

The pulse of parenthood, from the persepetive of a women's studies girl all grown up. said...

Oh come on, you chicken. You post anonymously??? Why not? Supply a reason, a little more than cryptic "not gonna happen..." or just beat it.

Mark said...

I think it would be cool. There's good energy going on right now. It would be great to take advantage of it. Why not have more commercial stuff at the lake? That way you can walk over to the restaurant from the hotel. Go around the lake and look at the Leg, stuff like that. What else did they deepend the lake for?