Sunday, September 21, 2008


Fall rocks.

I was downtown the other day, on a rare trip. I love going downtown during the week. It's such good energy; all sorts of people, doing all sorts of things.

There were the working women, some in leftover and still pretty summer clothes, but more in gorgeous ensembles with great boots and layers and chunky sweaters. Lots of grey.

Men just look better all cleaned up. And some clean up pretty good, that's for sure.

Fall is the season where it's so exciting to buy new clothes. Maybe it's because they are so much more substantial than the flimsy stuff we were in the summer. I find it easy to go cheap in the summer; but in fall, I salivate over expensive sweaters and new pants and boots and belts. I tend to also buy a lot of stuff I don't need; I work from where I sit, for the most part, and I don't really need a suit or a blouse or three pair of boots. But I want these things.

I've always been like this. When I was young, in high school, I would save my money to buy fancy, beautiful, over-the-top dresses. I bought what I loved, not what was practical. I can't even tell you how many wonderful dresses I have purchased and either never or rarely worn. I've kept a few; a gorgeous red velvet dress with the prettiest neckline and a slim, fitted shape. I bought this when I was eighteen, for what, I'm not sure. A navy blue strapless dress with a crinoline underneath, with the cutest little white jacket over top. A black, polka-dotted jacket with geometric cutouts in the back, filled in with sheer black fabric. So 80s it screamed power suit.

There are so many memories associated with outfits. One in particular stands out. The summer before high school, when I was twelve, my mother let me order an outfit from the Sears catalogue. My dad had come down with his no pants rule pretty hard, and so I chose a long denim skirt with an embroidered patch just above the rear pockets. I paired it with a plaid shirt and pink turtleneck; rolled up the sleeves on the shirt and it was really pretty.

Unfortunately, because of my parental friend restrictions, I had not communicated with my friends over the summer and was unaware that to look like one cared on the first day of high school was the ultimate faux pas. I sat in my desk in homeroom, sick with agony as I realized that I was the only person not wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The only person wearing a skirt.

The problem here was twofold, although the secondary issue was nearly non-existent next to the overdressed dilemma. Although it was overdressed in a different way. It was still summer, it may have been still August. It was too hot to be wearing long-sleeved flannel shirts over turtlenecks. But that problem has followed me into adult life; I still like to pack up all my tank tops and short shorts about August 25 and pull out boots and tights and sweaters.

*Speaking of beautiful sweaters; there is a gray cardigan in my mind that I need; I have looked everywhere. I spied it on the top rack at Havik the other day and pulled it down. The $550 price tag meant that I immediately put it back up, but I would highly recommend that if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you pick one up. If you wore it every day for 4 months it would only cost you $3 something a day...

Days are sunny but crisp, and even when it warms up it cools down even faster. It's time; to pull out our dark colours, polish our boots, fix the buttons on our jackets (maybe find $20 in the pocket), and re-fresh our make-up. Hurrah!

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Cathy said...

I love fall too! It's my favorite time to buy new clothes. I always want to buy dark colors and lots of burgandy and black. Although the last couple of years I switched to brown. And I am like that - I always want to chuck my summer stuff and go for the fall stuff when it's still hot out. And that is funny, because then I complain that summer is not long enough. ;)