Friday, October 31, 2008

bah humbug

Halloween is not my favourite holiday. The smeared make-up, itchy costumes, snagged tights, and scratchy wigs never made me feel anything more than lopsided.

Now, with two little ones, it doesn't warm the cockles of my heart to watch the sugar work its way through their tiny veins until meltdowns are frequent and eyes are buzzed from a cheap sugar high.

Call me new-fashioned, but I'm all about the ease of a costume from the Children's Place and a party at the daycare. At night we can swap stories about Halloween lore (about all I recollect from my childhood were mountains of snow, a candy a day post Halloween, and fearful tales of razor blades in apples and poisonous treats. maybe that was razor blades in water slides? urban legends seem to all blend together), and hunker down around a vintage Thriller video.

Bah, humbug. Bring on Santa!


Jen said...

I am not Halloween lover either. No decorations, the cheapest costumes I can put together and one box of candy to give out at the door. When the girls go to bed and most of the cute little kids who are the only ones I think should even be trick or treating are at home too, the lights go out, the blinds close and I sit on the couch with the remaining 83 chocolate bars.

That's Halloween for me.

spinregina said...

that's hilarious. I was feeling badly because I only like the little wees who come out at 5:15. I was just working and the doorbell rang I was like what the eff...and some VERY BIG KIDS said "we like coming to the houses where nobody comes because we get lots of candy" so then on purpose I only gave them two each from the massive and very full bowl at the door. they'll probably egg my car.

lotusloq said...

I like halloween okay... I think I like it more since I have kids and they get so into it, but it bugs me that so much energy is spent on it.

Around here they even made fall break around halloween so they don't have the kids at school for it. It seems kind of nutty. 3/4 of the kids in our neighborhood were out of town this year. Pretty slow at the door and pretty empty on the streets.