Saturday, October 18, 2008

The gap at The Gap

We like to shop at The Gap. Sometimes I feel like a cog in a wheel when I'm there, it's just so easy, but really, that's the point. Everything fits, I know the sizes and no one has to try anything on. Washes well, wears well, colours are great (I'm talking specifically about the children's stuff; the adult has been a you say...hit and miss? off the mark? TERRIBLE? for a few seasons?), and Everybody leaves happy.

But there is this one kid who works in at our Gap who I'm pretty sure hates me. There used to be a store manager who also didn't like me, but I've noticed he's gone over to the Old Navy (which has none of the endearing qualities of Gap and my babies' heads are way too big to fit into their baby clothes but is good in a pinch for say, Halloween costumes, leggings, and cheap pajamas).

Back to the kid. Now, I'm not putting things out of proportion here, I fully understand that he likely hates his job, as well as me, but it's mildly disturbing and sometimes downright frustrating to be hated by a clerk. I admit I'm not a tidy shopper, and sometimes my nerves are fried because invariably while shopping seems like a fun idea at 11 a.m. on a Saturday, we don't get out of the house till something like 3:40 p.m. and the fun of shopping with a particular and very Thoughtful Shopper (complete opposite of my frazzled and frenzied free-for-all BUYITBUYITBUYIT) coupled with typically hungrythirsty and wearing thin patience children makes for a drill sergeant like barking of "this, notthis, this, do you have this in a 5, do you have any more plain black t-shirts in a 5, no, not the one with a ruffle, plain...." doesn't get me points right off the bat.

But I am nice, and I smile a lot, and generally apologize for bad behaviour (both mine and the children's; husband is usually pretty good other than wandering off at pertinent moments to look at shoddy sweaters that he would never wear).

So we went specifically to get snowsuits and boots for the kids. Specifically. I put everything in a pile, including the size 5 boots for Soph, and when I got home I realized he hadn't sold them to me. It wasn't like he charged us for them and then forgot to put them into the bag, not so terrible as that, but it did mean that I had to pack up the kiddies the next day (in a foot of snow that has since vanished, as though it had never been...oh, right, except for that gaping wound in my bedroom ceiling caused by snow and retarded contractors) and trudge back downtown, find parking, go pee in the Bay bathrooms which are second only to Starbucks at Chapter's in terms of overall stench, and buy the boots.

Same kid was there. I'm like, "hey, you forgot to sell us the boots yesterday," and I could almost swear I caught a glimpse of triumph in his eyes as he didn't pretend to care.

I can only hope that he ends up with a drill sergeant for a wife and they have triplets right off the bat. In the middle of winter.


lotusloq said...

How rude! I'm glad I haven't really had this problem. Then again, I haven't had to buy snow suits/boots for my kids since 1999. Not really essential winter wear in Carolina.

spinregina said...

yeah, I don't really know how to make that word appear on paper as I'm hearing it my head, kind of like a raspberry sound, that you do with you lips? anyways, I'm doing it to you, you person with no winter. thpzz.

lotusloq said...

hahahahah! We did live in Pittsburgh for 2 winters. That was enough for me! I was so glad to come back south.

The funniest thing was that I was so excited to be able to shovel snow. I thought it would be so fun. I know you're laughing now. About the 50th time the shovel thunked into the joints of the sidewalk, I'd had my fill of the fun.

What can I say. I grew up in SC where whenever it snowed everything closed. But then again in the summers it's hotter than Hades.

tasha said...

ok so went to apply at the gap today... let me just say that i have not been in there since i was in high school. and now i know why. the workers all have something up there butts. the woman i talked to was so rude that i didnt even leave my resimme ( that is one tricky word to spell). she just gave me a application and i walked out. WOW and i know the guy your talking about, he was there kicking around boxs. they all looked like they hated there jobs. but i must say i do love there kids clothes.

spinregina said...

tash, find your passion. what did you want to be when you were a little girl?

tasha said...

I wanted to be the Hillbilly Vac Shack monkey. Ha ha. Im going out today to buy the book.