Monday, October 27, 2008

Pet peeving

In order for things to run smoothly for me there are certain things that I like to have prepared. Things like, I'll buy two bottles of body wash so we never run out, or extra bananas. I keep clothes for the dry cleaner in a bag at the front door.

I keep a quarter in my car for the cart at Safeway. You know, where you have to put a quarter in to get the cart? I keep the quarter in my car because nothing annoys me more than having to scrounge for twenty five cents to take in and trade for a quarter. Nothing more except this, that is.

Someone coming toward me, smiling face, to trade me for my cart. Except they don't trade me a quarter, they trade me....twenty five cents. Now I have to remember to put another quarter back into my car.

Sounds so petty, and it very well may be. Scratch that. It is. However, if me, packing two kids, can hustle into the store to get a quarter, why can't pretty lady? How does it make her life easier to trade me for my cart in the parking lot, instead of going into the store and getting her own quarter?

I know, I know.
Mundane and trivial. From feminism and Important Matters to wanting to knock some woman's block off because she's upset my world order.

I have obviously done one of two things. Either I have a) taken too much cold medication, or b) not taken enough.

I'm already over it.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but this is a pet peeve of mine also. Lazy bums!

lotusloq said...

Wow! I'm so grateful I don't have to have a quarter handy just to get a cart at the store. It might just push me right over the edge. Is that at all stores or just the Safeway? (That's a grocery store right?)

I'm assuming that is like at the airport when you have to pay to get a luggage cart. Wild! They don't do that anywhere around here.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny. I have had this happen to me at Superstore and it drives me nuts.