Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We're back to chaos in our house. The clothes are in the dining room, the bed is in the corner, and the closet is non-existent. Actually, the closet has been non-existent for three years now, so that's a tiny bit of a lie but proves my point about chaos.

We bought this house like a giddy, geeky teenager who falls in love with a hot girl. Instead of wondering if she has a good head on her shoulders he...ahem...wonders if he'll get to touch just under her shoulders and towards the centre. We saw a gorgeous lot and a cool house, and even when we noticed (as our parents pointed it out) the old kitchen cupboard door nailed to the exterior wall in place of a piece of missing siding, we smiled and thought it charming.

We saw the massive backyard with its carefully constructed sitting areas as charming and cottage like instead of unwieldy and time consuming. The seductive windows screamed "California" and not "hot" and the flat roof was the epitome of cool instead of leaky and problematic.

The granny suite was sweet and the attached greenhouses had me spinning visions of a green thumb and vine after vine of tomatoes and gorgeous flowering lilies. The heated garage was a place for Jade to work on fun projects and the foyer would house a mini grand piano, the sound tinkling through the house as children read books quietly.


But you know, even as we live in chaos this, hopefully, one last time, even as every solution is countered by a problem and every cheque is followed by another, I wouldn't leave this house for anything. I can see it now, more clearly than ever, how good, not good, how great, it's going to be. And the light is at the end of the tunnel and now I can see that light.

Feels pretty good.


tasha said...

If you ever deside to leave your house i will gladly take if off your hands! its beautiful, all you need is mike holmes. lol I love him.
btw book is sooo good.

spinregina said...

You know, Mike Holmes was supposed to come...we got quite far in the process of applying to be on his show. Then stupid old Ellen Degeneres put him on her show. He subsequently got a U.S. contract and cancelled the rest of his Canadian tour. Bah.

lotusloq said...

Sounds like the giddy teenager actually fell in love and is making it work. It's just like with a marriage that endures. There are repairs that have to be made. Things aren't perfect, but the love grows over time with working together and helping each other.

spinregina said...

Tash - what book are you reading first?

tasha said...

eat pray love. I want to go to Italy and learn Italian. So great.

spinregina said...

Lois (is that right? is it Lois?) you always say the nicest things. I like it! I think you might be right...thanks for helping me see it that way.

Tash - good one to start.