Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad poetry week

Tapped out of money, of time. Of feelings



that being tapped doesn't matter.

Tapped out of patience, oh lord, it's all gone it's

and it really isn't funny anymore.

Tapped from the inside from the upside downside all aroundside. When the music turns up in your head and won't turn down in your head. It's all around. And loud. Like a big bad sound.

I never did get poetry. I wrote a bunch, in high school, even got to go into a gifted class because of it where I promptly made them regret that by acting out and writing a paper on Hitler's good side, for god's sake, I'd apologize to my teacher but she isn't with us anymore. I wrote poetry constantly. I loved words so much, you know, that's what it was. In elementary school I got made fun of for, among many, many other things, reading the dictionary and you know what? It wasn't an affectation; it was totally for real. I wanted to know each and every word there was to know. I dreamed of linguistics classes and savoured good words like, oh, I don't know, soup, maybe. I really like soup, too.

(be damned to all of you comma haters, I don't care if I'm a cog in the wheels of change, I refuse to change. for now.)

In grade ten or eleven a couple of guys who thought they were all that and more wrote some sort of treatise that I recall vaguely as being pointedly mean to some of the more downtrodden in the school; I promptly went home and typed out (on my little word processor) a scathing rebuttal calling their behaviour 'asinine,' at which point I was dragged into the Principal's office to have a long and drawn out argument about appropriate language. I'm sure I lost that conversation but I stick to my guns that it was perfectly appropriate and perhaps even more apt than they cared to admit.

But enough about me. Let's talk about poetry. My personal and very uneducated opinion on it is that it is intensely personal and usually makes little to no sense. Although I do have an abiding love for e.e. cummings and the poem Tara read to me at my wedding.

Accepting new ideas, critical commentary, and nothing mean from anonymous posters.


flashmom said...

i love poetry but mostly just my own. never buy it or read it, unless its recommneded. i thought your poem was good, if you mean that as a poem

Anonymous said...

I like ee cummings too but as I read your post I realized that I don't ever read poetrey. Maybe it's a school thing? I can't imagine ever buying a book of poetrey, can you even buy them???

Anonymous said...

poetry, not poetrey

spinregina said...

Yeah, I don't know. I don't think I would ever buy a book of poems. For me, intensely personal.