Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hope (for)

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the prairie dog (*local free alternative paper) for anything other than its restaurant reviews, but recently John Conway wrote a piece that I thought was absolutely fantastic. Usually he drags on and on about the school board and I find myself nodding off, but in this piece, titled 'The Deep Politics of Obama' needs to be noted.

A vertiable free flowing examination of the recent American election and exposition on what that election means, to the world at large and to Canada, Conway extrapolates on the hope that this election has elicited; explaining why that hope is there and how that hope may bring great things to fruition.

And look at these numbers: 'Obama won because millions of new voters showed up at the polls. He won because, among those voting, 95 per cent of blacks, 66 per cent of young people, 70 per cent of Hispanics and 57 per cent of women supported him.' Besides calling into question my apparent misconception of how to spell percent, this illustrates in very vivid detail for me just how exhilarating this election was. How hopeful.

I don't mean to belabour the point, but good on ya, U.S. If we up here can catch this feeling of euphoric optimism, I can't imagine what you can catch.

*looked it up; per cent is British, percent is American. I'm gonna give this one to the neighbours south as a gift for their electoral prowess. plus I just like it better that way.


Suburban Hippie said...

Hi, found you through Nothing But Bonfires comments. I have four kids and would give my left ovary for a weekend, nay, 30 minutes alone. I'm hoping Obama can inspire not only Canada but the world. Because God knows hatred of America is more rampant than I'd ever seen it before.

Do you like hockey? I once took an entire semester of night-school French so I could pronounce the players' names correctly.

spinregina said...

Welcome! I must say it's pretty fun to have American readers; brings a whole new je ne sais quois to the blog.

I do not like hockey, unless I am physically at a Flames game and they score and the fire comes out of the ceiling. Intense. Both the heat and the excitement. Unfortuately it is not a high scoring game, so it doesn't happen much. And I don't get to Flames games much, as they are 8 hours away.

I took years of elementary and high school French, as well as a 200 level French. Tried to take the level down but they copped to my lying about not being able to understand and put me in it anyways. I can't understand anything a true en francais person says but I can pick apart written text, likely butchering it immensely.

I like your writing, especially on the fires.

One last thing. Bashing, of America, or anything, comes because people lack confidence. I'm not sure it's any differet for countries.