Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheers to the USA (and macaroni)

I'm not sure if you've got me all figured out yet, but let me just paint you a picture.

A glass of white wine, chilled perfectly. The newest issue of McLeans magazine (again, for you Americans, it's like our version of Newseek). Children fed and happy, playing.

I fill up a bowl of...

no-name hamburger helper.

And I eat it and fill up another and eat that, too.

[aside: use of "too" with commas. see, I grew up believing that if you said "too," you automatically placed a comma after it, as above. the other day I saw an advertisement on a bus and it left off the comma. I'm pretty sure it was a government advertisement, too, or I wouldn't have been so concerned. have the rules changed? please let me know.]

So I ate two bowls of macaroni in bright orange cheese sauce, with ground beef, for heaven's sake. I did put peas in, for something green.

(Like something borrowed, something blue, we must always strive for something green on our plate in our house.)

And, if I could just paint this picture a little tackier. As I stuff my face with soggy cheesy macaroni, I read all about the election of Obama and I find myself crying. With hope, with fear, with a wish for the American people that all goes well. With a wish for the world.

(I swear, I just had the one glass of wine.)

I want this election to be all that people hope for, dream for, plan for, wish for. That it takes the fractured state of our neighbours to the south and heals. People, economies, countries.

Maybe it wasn't the wine at all. Maybe there is something in the hamburger helper. Anyways, here's hoping.

*Listen, I wasn't bawling or anything like that, if that's what you're thinking. Not weeping. But I did well up, reading about the excitement and fear and expectation. I'm an emotional gal, what can I say.


lotusloq said...

I always thought that the too had to be set off with commas. I'm beginning to think there are new rules. I've seen it in several agent websites where they say you're not supposed to set it off by commas. I still don't know about it though.

The thing with Obama makes me proud and scared at the same time. I'm proud that our country was able to look past prejudice enough to elect the first black president. His lack of experience and naivete scare me. I worry with how the markets took an even deeper nose dive in the days following his election than the prior to it.

spinregina said...

Interesting. Have you looked for an agent already? How exciting!

Re Obama. Don't be scared. As an outsider watching with bated breath, I can tell you that the rest of the world now supports the US instead of sort of watching to see what bad would happen next. I hope that doesn't sound condescending; it's so not meant to but my brain is addled. We (Canada, Europeans) are excited, this is what the international community has wanted to see. And I know that doesn't matter so much to the average American, what the international community wants, but it does mean that we will find it easier to support you now.

Don't worry. It will all be good.

spinregina said...

p.s please tell me where you see this grammatical stuff on the use of commas. Tyler, if you read, can you weigh in?

lotusloq said...

I've been trying to figure it out with the agents. Learning the ropes. I'd have to go back and look to see where I ran across the thing about "too." I've read so many different agent blogs that they've kind of blurred together. Most of the ones I've read are referenced on Nathan's blog. I just follow those links. Colleen Lindsay's blog keeps coming to mind, but I can't remember for sure. I've also read a lot on the agent query website. It may be in one of the articles there too. It seems like I read it about 2 months ago.

Re: Obama. I know the international community thinks it's great that he was elected. He will help a lot with international relations. I think and hope anyway. The truth of the matter of the elections is that I didn't care for either candidate and looked at my choices shaking my head thinking--great! an old hothead with experience and questionable judgement and a charismatic unknown with very little experience, but by his record the most liberal member of the Senate. (My politics place me a little right of center.) What a bunch of idiots our country is to make the final choices in an election so bad. The choices in the primary weren't great either. Hilary probably scared me more than anyone, and I would love to see a woman in the white house. To me though she comes across as an "ends justify the means" kind of person to the extreme.

I think Obama will do fine as long as he makes sure that he has great advisers.

My biggest worry though is that certain terrorists will think that now is the perfect time to test the new guy, and we will have another 9-11 or some such thing. I feel the US has a huge bull's eye painted on it. So many people out there hate us. Will the rest of the world come to our defense if we are attacked or say that we deserved it?

As vilified as Bush has been and all the stupid things he's done, at least there have been no new attacks. I feel like I have to give him credit for that. Plus, with the transition, I think he's been very gracious.

Wow! I've gotten long winded here.

Anonymous said...

George Bush is a terrorist and you are worried about Obama. How many people has he killed? They may not be americans, but they are people. George Bush does not deserve credit for anything except being an ignorant war monger. Really. A country that promotes peace will be less likely to be paintd with a bull's eye.

spinregina said...

Lotus; from my perspective, Canadians, at least, and I get a sense that this feeling is shared by many in the west, were not huge fans of Bush. Now whether or not there were no new attacks because of him I cannot say, but I wonder if it is in spite of him, rather than because of?

In terms of international support, I can tell you that my feelings towards the US have become a good deal warmer since this election. I identified with Europeans much more than the US on cultural and so many other issues; I am hoping now that our closest neighbour will become much more than someone we share space with.

lotusloq said...

I think "anonymous" misunderstood me. I am not saying Bush is a saint, but he's not a terrorist either. If you are going to make blanket statements like that you should show yourself and not hide behind anonymity. With Bush there were times that I liked what he was doing and there were times when I hated what he was doing, but I think he was trying to do what he thought was best.

I'm sure the same will be true for Obama. So far there are things he has done that I really like and there are things he has done that I don't like at all.

I personally think that the people of our country are very peace promoting. The government--I'm not so sure. I am very peace promoting. I would love for there to be peace everywhere on earth. No more hate and anger. Wouldn't that be marvelous.

I love other countries. I've visited many and I've lived for an extended amount of time in France, Switzerland, and Germany. I have a great appreciation for the way they think, and I'm pretty open to many ideas. It offends me that I am personally judged by other nations by the politicians and their decisions that I may or may not have approved of. (Here I am not talking to you, SR. You have never offended me, even with the "effing" blog.)

My experience in Europe confirms what you say about the relations between Canada and Europe. My European friends feel like Canada is much more similar to them than the US. Every one I knew thought Canada was great and loved Canadians. I've always had a particular warm spot for Canadians as well. You guys are just loved around the world! Lucky you. Apparently, no one hates you because of something some politician there did. Plus, there's french there and that makes you extra fun in my book.

spinregina said...

Lotus; I'm not a fan of hiding behind "anonymous" either.

From a Canadian perspective, and I hate to speak for all, so please let me preface this by stating that I do not intend to speak for all Canadians, Bush was someone to be wary of. He didn't come across as terribly educated, and his blatant lies regarding weapons of mass destruction really coloured my opinion of him.

I think people like Canadians better because we're not a superpower. It's always easy to point fingers at people who have a lot of power, you know? And considering we're 26 million of some pretty calm people, I don't know, what do we really do to make people mad? But sometimes the fact that the US is a superpower, and sometimes can seem a little...overbearing...might antagonize people.

I'm sure that you, and most of the people you know are very peaceable. And I know that the soldiers fighting in the war are doing so with the best of intentions. And I know that the war is confusing and layered with so many meanings and belief systems that I'm not sure we'll ever all understand each other...but I guess people here sometimes think the war was unjustified.

This is a time I hate that I don't have more time, to really think on this and write well-thought, well considered thoughts instead of on the fly responses. But I will never have that luxury in the near future, so c'est la vie, right. I hope I didn't say anything totally dumb.