Monday, November 24, 2008

New boots!

Let's take this to a whole new level of completely superficial.

A while back I posted on boots. A lack thereof. A feeling of need. Unfilled.

The need has been filled, taken care of, assuaged. And it feels damn good.

I got new boots

and I love them

I got new boots

and they make me smile

I got new boots

and my feet are warm

I got new boots

and they have sparkly crystals on them

I got new boots and they are filled with fur

I got new books

they have good grippers

I have new boots

and now I need a new contract to fill the gaping void in my bank account.

*these are not the exact boots I have; my crystal pattern is more random, or if it is something, I cannot tell what it is.

**I seem to be obsessed with sparkly things. I hope that in ten years I am not gluing appliques onto a sweater.


Carlana said...

I am totally with you on the boots. I just ripped apart Calgary trying to find the perfect burgandy tall boots to go with my funky Christmas outfit. They are classic and will never go out of style. That is at least what I told myself to justify the price tag.

lotusloq said...

When I was picking up my daughter from her orchestra class there were about 20 kids with boots like those in different shades, but none of them had sparkles. It is so not necessary in NC to have that kind of serious bootwear, but stylish.

spinregina said...

I won't drop any eff bombs here Lois, but yeah, I can fit in with the students big time. I bet yours are more 'grown up,' hey Carlana?

I can always say I do need them for warmth; it gets massively cold here.