Sunday, November 30, 2008

The ongoing quest for (redemption) / peace

Six hours in a car with my mother and of course we ended up at religion.

Let me preface with this disclaimer. My mother is kind and quite lovely. On subjects where we disagree, however, she sticks her heels in and is veritably unmovable.

Suffice to say that we disagree on two things. One, comma usage, is more an armchair argument, a question of style. See, she would not have allowed that sentence.

Instead she would have it read: One, comma usage, is more an armchair argument. A question of style.

Or perhaps: One, comma usage, is more an armchair argument; a question of style.

I find this so fascinating that I think we should vote. Stop reading and vote now.

The other subject that invokes just as much passion but possibly more tortured-soul angst is the state of my soul. I tried to think of a way to have that come out as a pun but either I've lost my lame humorous abilities or there really wasn't a way.

I truly, firmly, and from the bottom of my heart, believe that as long as a person is seeking something and their heart is pure, that the way they find will lead them to something good. Nirvana, heaven, whatever you want to call it. I do not believe that Christianity is that way. Or rather, let me rephrase. I do not believe that Christianity is the only way.

Every spiritual path offers something. Dependent on time and place, meaning time of life as well as historical time and place meaning place in culture as well as place geographically, a truly searching person will find the path best suited.

It is impossible for me to find that spiritual peace within a Christian context. It is so interesting, how little things that we read/hear/see can illuminate. Sometimes grandly, sometimes quietly. I read on this blog (profanity alert) the most interesting post on religion. She speaks about the rituals of her childhood faith and the comfort they bring to her. Spot on, I say. I love to go to the Lutheran church on Christmas Eve; take solace in the familiar words. The hymns. The same-ness of it all. But somehow I cannot make the leap that practicing that faith will bring me peace.

My father would say that is my human nature and my stubborn will. Perhaps in the end he will have the last laugh, I'm not so sure. I can say without a doubt that it is not anything but my truth that leads me to know that my own saving will come not in any of the buildings with which I am familiar but rather within a quiet and very personal spiritual experience.

And that's okay with me.



Whatever brings you peace, as long as you give everything a try and release preconcieved notions. =)

Anonymous said...

you are making your way...don't worry. and don't think that you ahve to "do what has always been done." that is the lazy man's way of doing things. reach out and never stop thinking aobut these things.

lotusloq said...

I also believe that all people who are striving to do good will be rewarded for it. I enjoyed the blog about religion and hypocrisy. (Thanks for the language alert so I could brace myself. Haha!)

It's funny how religion brings so many things out in so many people. They will pull together and help each other because they are of the same religion when they have nothing else in common or they will hate each other for no other reason than that they are from different religions.

So many religions say if we follow them then we are saved and if we don't then we are damned--yes, I can use that word. :) I just don't believe that. How unfair would that be to good people everywhere.

There are so many levels of good and bad in people. I believe there is more than just a Heaven and a Hell to follow our existence here on earth. It would not be fair otherwise, and I cannot believe in an unfair God.

flashmom said...

I've given up on the whole thing. I went to church my whole life and there just isn't anything there for me. It's like it's stuck in a time warp and won't change. To me that's just not right. For me anyways. I don't feel anysort of anxiety for myself, but I do wnat to find something for my kids. I am searching for the unitarina church you talked about before but I don't know if its in our area.

I like what the one comment said about there being different levels. Have a good day!

spinregina said...

Danalauren; yes peace. Ultimate goal.

Anon - thanks.

Lotus; you always have the lovliest things to say and you say the lovliest things so well. I agree wholeheartedly with your views. I also know that you are the only person who voted on the Comma issue. I don't know, actually, but I'm guessing. Maybe I can turn it into my own personal crusade. It's not like I don't have 8 million other things to do, than scour the internet and resource books to prove myself right.

flashmom - check out that other blog, that I linked to. Interesting ideas.

lotusloq said...

Yes, I did vote for the comma! You're getting to know me pretty well! Haha! I love those powerful little half-swirls! Power to the comma!