Monday, November 24, 2008

Style of pen

I got the best book in the mail today. This should really hammer home just what a total nerd I am. Grammatically Correct: The Writer's Essential Guide to punctuation, spelling, style, usage and grammar by Anne Stilman.

A gorgeous little hardcover published in 1997, I had to search my dear Amazon for it and it took nearly three weeks to get here. Oh happy day!

Seventeen pages on the comma. Serial commas, dependent clauses, parenthetical elements (perhaps my personal favourite), and so many more. I am in heaven.

It addresses semicolons, another favourite, commonly misspelled words, abbreviations, EVERYTHING.

I've only just had time to skim a few chapters. I was working today, you know, but it's already proved me right a few times. I'll keep it to myself, but feeling quite self satisfied at this moment in time.

Lights out at eleven, meaning I have approximately eight minutes to indulge.

Ah, the life I lead.


lotusloq said...

And now for the BIG question. What's the verdict on "too"? Comma or no comma? Of course, the rules they be achangin' on us too. It was so hard not to put a comma there.

spinregina said...

It didn't address exactly, but I'm going to do some digging in the chapter. I must say I believe it to be gramatically incorrect to not have the comma. Brings into question words like 'also.'