Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You got me dancin, yah

We got our tickets to So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top Ten Tour. Let me rephrase; technically we don't have our tickets in our sweaty little hands (and technically I'm the only one with sweaty little hands) but I have a receipt bookmarked and was assured I would have literal tickets no less than five days before the show.

Can I get a WHO-WHO?

What is it about dancing that gets me? I don't know much about astrology, so I have no idea if it's in my sign. I am terrible at taking direction so I would never be able to learn choreography. You should have seen us when we signed up for an entire semester of learn to dance at the university; it was quite irritating to learn the Jade was supposed to lead. I mean for the love of god, it's the two thousands.

The show honest to goodness brings me to tears. I well up. I save it on the PVR and watch it again. I even (I can't believe this either) phone in my votes. And I have such trouble choosing who to vote for that I typically vote for 2 or 3 different couples (or now, individuals).

I can't dance myself as though I don't care. I can't sway a little, or even a medium sized amount, and look like a normal person. You know, at weddings and stuff because that's about all the dancing venues I get to these days. I have to go full throttle, MTV style (which is always amusing because a) I am obviously not a rock star, and b) I don't think people on MTV get super excited when they hear ACDC, but I'm making assumptions here; (maybe the more geriatric of them do) and dance like a cross between a rap star and a back-up Pussycat Doll with more than skin on her bones and less hair on her head.

*I'm not sure how their extensions don't fly off while they are shakin' it, but that isn't my concern. Mine is usually not to slip and fall or to ingratiate myself with the DJ so that he'll play the x-rated Eminem song at a wedding with children and old people.

I have visions of attending the show in February and somehow, magically, being transported to that life that I'm certain runs parallel to the one I'm living right now, the one where I'm a back up dancer who knows how to get down to the beat. The dancers, in awe of my talent, will beg me, flinging up their arms in adulation, 'oh, won't you please do just one number with us,' and of course, graciously I will concede.

Or, maybe I'll console myself with the current arrangement of dance-off's with the girls.

I aways win against Soph.



I love this show too! I used to watch the American Version but I do watch Canada's version when I pass it on TV. I think Niko is cute but don't tell my husband! ;)

Jen said...

O.k. I could have written this exact post. We have tickets too!

I also have the hots for Nico.

spinregina said...

That's so funny, my hb was like, I think you like him and I could feel my cheeks get hot. I'm still not copping to anything though. Unless you want to talk about Gossip Girl....

RMW said...

I don`t watch the show, but I have watched you dance. It always, always brings a smile to my face, even thinking about it now. Give yourself credit, you are a very good dancer!!!!!

spinregina said...

Nico, not so much. The other guy, with the abs...

RW - always sweet. You.