Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Santa,

A five year old (almost five) wants many things for Christmas. Barbies, Polly Pockets, movies, DVDs, some sort of ice cream maker, Doodlebops. You name it she wants it.

I'm sort of past that. I say sort of because I still love the magic of Christmas but I have this feeling that really, if I want something throughout the year I get it. I don't pine away, wishing for an iPod or a new perfume. I'm an adult and I'm the keeper of my own list, and perfectly capable of making sure all my needs are met.

Except that isn't necessarily so.

I had Christmas until I was seven. Sevenish, but for sure seven was the last normal Christmas. After that it was a mixed bag as one parent believed and one did not. More so than did not believe, that parent actually outright disdained it. I'm not going to get into all that, Time and Place, right, but suffice to say that Christmas was by far not fun.

Now that I'm all growed up and have my own house (that's sort of a lie; it seems to be in the clutches of a mad group of contractors whose version of "bright and early" comes at 2:00 p.m.) I want to have the Christmases I dreamed of. Of course expectations like that are easy to appease, right? Right?

I want lights and decorations. Inside and out. Scents and candles. Soft music. Let me be more specific. Seasonal soft music. Gifts and secrets and hiding spots. Something that tastes better than Egg Nog but does the same trick. Lots of drinks and wine. People dropping by. Secret Santas. Peering in windows of gorgeous storefronts. Games. A warm fire from out new gas fireplace (that one is about five years out but hey, I'm a planner). Cookies. Cookies dough frozen in the freezer, just waiting for someone to pop by. Appetizers on tiny plates with real napkins.

This year is a planning year. I can't get to my decorations or my Christmas music because they are in the storage area that requires a ladder and the ladder that has been custom built for the space is buried under a good two feet of snow. For you Canadians that's about a meter. Actually I have no idea what the conversion is but that made me laugh out loud. I know - it wasn't funny at all. Plus I spelled 'metre' wrong. Is that an Americanized spelling of a Canadian measurement? I can see where this is going.



flashmom said...

ah, see, you are feeling better. thats from writing it out keep it up good web friend.

lotusloq said...

No fun that your decoration are buried, so to speak. It could be fun to do a makeshift creche with the girls dolls. haha! Actually it could be kind of cute. Maybe it's just late and I'm getting punchy.

I can't believe your guys don't come til 2:00. That's insane. When will they ever finish? Maybe that's your question too. (I'm getting better about not putting that comma there, but it still feels weird.)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Chin up! There is always next year!


Justus M. Bowman said...

If I want to tell you something useful, is there an e-mail address available? I'm sure this question sounds odd, but it isn't!

Okay, it is a little.

Lady Glamis said...

You actually made me want to decorate my house for Christmas...

which I haven't wanted to do in a really long time. I'm a grump sometimes, and don't bother digging all those decorations out.

I'm sure you will get more chances next year to make that perfect Christmas setting!

beth said...

Heh..I bought a huge pack of green tinsel to decorate the porch's still sitting on my couch, three weeks later! Maybe I should put that up sometime...

Carmen said...

Hi Kristen:
Christmas for me is about the moment, and I'm like you - my stuff is all up in our attic and we need our tall, lanky son to gather it up and bring it down. Only problem - he's not going to be there until about 5 pm Christmas Eve. So I'm going to have to think of an alternative.

Get tons of construction paper and have Stella & Sophia make paper chains and string them everywhere. Add sparkles. It won't be the magazine look, but it will be fun. I still have a toilet paper roll decoration my son made, and many, many tree ornaments that both Cosi and Devin made. And they are now in their twenties. And I only threw out a deteriorated paper garland last year.

Celebration comes in many guises. Enjoy yours.

spinregina said...

Carmen, you always have the best ideas. I miss you!! -K