Monday, December 08, 2008

lost / Found Found

I think the crux of it all may be very simple. We spend so much time searching, whether we acknowledge it or not, and very often we miss. I know you know how we miss. I won't get into it.

At the risk of sounding like a certifiable lunatic, I really think that yoga might be the answer. An answer. My answer, anyways.

Now even Scientists with a capital "S" are finding that yes, maybe it's true.

I just have to quote, but please spend the time to read the full article on the Yoga Journal site.

In fact, many studies suggest that yoga can effect positive states of mind, despite life's highs and lows. In 1993, a British team measured the effects of three relaxation techniques: chair sitting, visualization, and yoga and found that yoga resulted in the greatest increase in alertness, mental and physical energy, and lust for life. Likewise,a 1994 German study, which compared a group of women practicing hatha yoga to a second group that did not, found that the yoginis showed markedly higher scores in life satisfaction, and lower scores in aggressiveness, emotionality, and sleep problems.

"Yoga primarily changes your consciousness, which includes your way of looking at things," says Cornelissen. "In the process, many aspects of your physical functioning also change, including your brain chemistry." Whether we use yoga or some other self-affirming behavior, it's clear that even born-to-be-negative types can choose to cultivate happiness. Just as a bad mood can become a bad habit that
perpetuates unhappiness, so can nurturing positive feelings lead to a more permanent positive state of mind.

I remember myself at the beginning of this journey, not even a year ago. Soggy body, from two children and not enough exercise. Soggy mind, from allowing the things around me to control my thoughts.

Twice a week, every week, and the changes were almost immediate. I remember wondering if they played a CD of swirling breaths, as I practiced in the warm hardwood filled room, soft lights and the night sky still black outside. It took me months to realize the breaths were the breaths of the other students, whose energy lifted me up and carried me until I found my own breath.

Now I know that forever this will be a part of me. That without it I have no centre. Lost/found found.


lotusloq said...

Yoga is wonderful. We have to find our center and make it strong and then everything else will follow.

My new philosophy is that people don't make me angry. I let myself get angry at them. I'm the master of my own path. I have to take control of it or lose my way.


spinregina said...

You know how once you see that things happen as they should, that you see it all the time? Your comment couldn't have come at a better time. I was in the very midst of being angry with someone...thank-you for reminding me.


Anonymous said...

Yoga = Bliss.

lotusloq said...

I'm glad that my timing was spot on. This philosophy has helped me a lot, especially with my children.

Anonymous said...

That book you were recomminding goes hand in hand with your philosophy on yoga, don't you think?