Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh baby it's cold outside

This has nothing to do with anything, but someone in our local paper spelled 'hoodie' with a y this morning. I know it's not the most compelling thing I read but I can't stop thinking about it.

It's not a new word, although that statement is only true outside Saskatchewan, where people persist in calling it a bunnyhug for reasons yet unknown.

How then, could such atrocious spelling get by? It doesn't even look right, which is always my excuse for poor spelling.

At this moment I should give a shout-out to a reader who kindly informed me that I spelled feminism incorrectly on my page....he even took the trouble to let me know via email as opposed to in the comments section so that it remained a gentle, private correction. Thanks again, and shame on me, a graduate of Women's Studies. That would be like a geologist not knowing how to spell his job title.

It is odd how dependent we have become (okay, fine, how dependent I have become) on spell check. I don't even try that hard, truly, to spell certain words because I trust my spell checker will pick them up for me.

That brings me to wondering what on earth will happen to this generation of texters, who have paired down words to the bare essentials. Will they ever be able to spell? Or will it be extreme polarization: those kids who enter national spelling bees versus the txtrs who don't give a hoot.

Interesting times.

And that brings me to my last thought. It's apparent that I am jacked up on too much caffeine by my inability to write a cohesive missive on anything. But this is my page and I can do what I want to.

It makes me crazy when people check their email or text right in front of me, as we're talking or while we're driving or whatever. I mean, is this only obvious to me that this is not exactly the most polite thing to do?

I'm not just talking about kids, either. The meeting I was late for yesterday? People who thought that they were subtly checking emails and furtively typing under the table. You're kidding, right? Turn. Off. Your. Phone. You are not eleven, you didn't just get an iPhone for Christmas, and really, if your assistant needs to know how you like your coffee I'm sure she can wait.

Like the guy in that really funny movie said, gosh.


Justus M. Bowman said...

"People who thought that they were subtly checking emails and furtively typing under the table."

The word "pathetic" comes to mind, though it could have been an emergency. Right?

Imagine a novel's protagonist texting during a meeting in order to save the world from nuclear destruction. It could happen.

Lady Glamis said...

Yes, rude texting bothers me as well. More like grates on my nerves and makes me want to say things out loud that I know I shouldn't, so I don't.

I know some teachers make students leave their cell phones on a table at the beginning of class. Does the head of a board meeting need to gather people's cell phones as they enter the room? Maybe that would get the point across. :)

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