Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh Canada (musings of a tired and sick person)

Quiet snow, falling all day long. Silence is thick and calm.

Trees heavy with frost and the air full of fairy dust, sparkling. Every once in a while snow drifts down and lands noiselessly.

Tires crunch and it's hard to see the road through the swirling sifting snow. Eyes play tricks as gusts pick up curtains of flakes and set them down at random.

People hurry, some grouchy, mouths in firm lines slashed across their face, impatience bleating. Others luxuriate in the season, lulled by parties and drinks and carols.

Snowsuits and mittens and boots and scarves. Snowpants for playing and wrists that are cold. Toes frozen in boots. Cheeks red. Noses running.

Ice skates and snowshoes. Fast walks on frozen lakes. Street hockey.

Cozy inside. Reading and resting. Warmth and fires.

Even though I hate winter I wouldn't change it. I lie. Maybe the duration.


Anonymous said...

ah yes, I feel the same way! I love all the trappings of winter but it is way too long. Merry Christmas!

lotusloq said...

Beautiful images! I love it when you write like this. I'm sorry you're tired and sick! I love the snow! It changes the world into a fairyland all sparkly and glittering.

I wish it would come here. Fat chance! NC doesn't see much of that pretty white stuff. My kids are begging for it. Do you think you could send some of it our way?

Gottawrite Girl said...

Yes, I second lotusloq -- beautiful images... Stephen King always said there's nothing more powerful than a two-word sentance like you've played with, here! No fluffery!!!

So, nice to meet you... I hopped over here after reading your comment!!!

Let's keep in touch!!


Jill Wheeler said...

I love winter but hate DRIVING this time of year.

I loved the little slashes for angry mouths. Awesome.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now that I think about it, the MC in She's Come Undone is pretty irritating at times, too. I'll stick The Hour I First Believed out, just to see what happens. And don't let me dissuade you from reading it and deciding for yourself.