Monday, December 15, 2008

Part II (series on feminism)

Without a contract, I found, was not a good place to be. Nor is it a good place to be without a contract, without a job, pardon me, mid mat leave.

Ah, yes, but I did have a job. I had a job that was a demotion. That job was undeniably mine, waiting for me to come back to. A job I had conquered and done well at. That was part of the whole thing, you see. Because this whole thing went to court and we had a big fight about it, I have copies of their emails and other correspondence. Emails where they said that yes, I was the right person for the job, I believe the verbiage was "by far the better suited candidate," but yet the crux of it was they needed someone, anyone to do the job now. And I had no intentions of giving up that first year of sweetness with my little baby to appease these greedy little men.

I stuck to my guns, arguing and persuading (although obviously not well enough) and under the assumption that people generally do what is right. Generally buck up and get it done. Honour and all that.


Not so, my friends. I found my delusional self consistently surprised by what [language alert] assholes people can be. People that I considered mentors. Peers. And some, even, gasp, friends.

The job was given, the contract signed, the deal was sealed. And thus began life's greatest adventure. Aah, don't be so dramatic, I tell myself. One of many adventures, not the greatest, surely, but one that certainly took up a good deal of valuable Time and Energy. Although these blasted renos seems to be ranking right up there alongside childbirth (and that's a mind freak if I ever saw one) and the Case of the Missing Job, it's still high on my list of life grievances.

How do you say it? Que serra, serra.


Lady Glamis said...

Jaw drops open. I can't believe this! I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

*hands over my sympathies*

*tries to suppress feelings of anger*

Thank you for your comment on my blog and your congratulations. :) Appreciate it. I'll be back! Your blog looks like a fun one!

flashmom said...

mofos, thats what i say. i can't believe in this day and age we have to deal wiht this crap. brutal! bugger to them.

lotusloq said...

It's completely their loss. What a betrayal! I'm appalled! It's that sort of thing though that leaves so many people jaded and cynical. (I suppose you being Jaded could have a whole other meaning though, couldn't it!? Hahaha!)