Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Did I mention I got a new laptop? First laptop ever.

I love it.

White and wide and new and all mine. I can bookmark without someone adding new sites in and not organizing according alphabetically. No one will be allowed to troll Polly Pockets on this machine, nosiree.

When I go to client meetings I will have at my fingertips something professional, useful, and a heck of a lot more impressive than my trusty pad and paper. Not to say I won't continue to take notes copiously; I love scribbling madly while someone talks and then trying to decipher just why I underlined the word strategy three times. But it will be nice to have files at my fingertips and my good friend the world wide web at my veritable beck and call.

I desperately wanted a Mac. I've avoided them for years. For so long it seemed to me that they were a showpiece for people to do a bit of nah-nah-nah-ing about. But lately their appeal has grown. Maybe it's an age thing; as I age I get busier, and I like technology that holds my hand. I love the Time Capsule, a product Mac has that automatically backs up your computer with Bluetooth. I know. When my file got all shaky this summer and my husband had to piece it back together (minus a day's work) while I stood tearfully over his shoulder, I became a back-up born again. Now he says I go overboard, but hey, he has servers that do it for him. I am in the hands of my crappy F-drive and those shady little memory sticks.

So instead I got a sharp little Sony VAIO. White. White mouse, too. Bluetooth. Now I just need a back up Fairy.

You know how cordless phones changed the world? And cheap long distance? How about fax machines. Email. Microwave ovens. Express manicures. The PVR. I think this little machine might do just that level of awesome in this house.


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lotusloq said...

Yea! I'm happy for you. There's nothing quite like having your own personal laptop that nobody else gets to mess around with. I got a mac last Christmas. I'm absolutely loving it.