Monday, January 12, 2009


It's rare that I find television that I enjoy. Perhaps that explains my fixation with reality shows; no expectations, no disappointments. My tastes run to the sexy visual eye candy shows like Gossip Girl and Entourage, or the too smart for their own good 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and The Office.

It is unfortunate, but I tend to avoid Canadian productions. I find the accent annoying, that eastern brogue grates on my ears, and the feeble attempts to make dramas irritate. However, the tides are changing. A cross between glitzy American drama and razor sharp smart British productions, Being Erica has completely won me over. (*be warned - if you click on the link music will start playing and if you are like me and your volume is turned up really loud and you don't know it yet it can be quite shocking)

The show is all about over-educated but unsuccessful Erica, a pretty woman who at 32 is single and not happy with that status. The single part, not the pretty part. Erica feels she has bungled nearly every decision she ever made, leading her to a mediocre (at best) life.

The chance to "do over" these moments is offered and Erica, well, she doesn't jump, but she does agree. The first episode takes her back to high school and it's a gooder, with a dance and booze and a make out session with her high school love. It was awesome! The soundtrack, the clothes, the lingo - it all worked.

I'm excited! Good TV! Good Canadian TV.

I'm also intrigued by the do over. Who wouldn't want it? Major events, like the time I started dating this total dud in grade nine, to the heartbreak of a good friend who I knew liked him. I still feel bad. The time I spoke in a meeting, just to speak, only to say totally the wrong thing. Every day brings with it a new opportunity for a do-over in my world.

I should make a list. Top five do-overs. This could be a whole subject for Nick Hornby; he loves lists.

I love the whole idea, the concept that we could magically have a whole ream of do-overs. Would you have any do-overs, given the opportunity?


Lady Glamis said...

I have a whole list of do-overs!

I won't mention them here, but let's say that they include old boyfriends, putting my foot in my mouth, and traffic laws.

I've done some pretty stupid stuff!

Glad you found a great show to watch! It's not available here in America, right?

Carlana said...

There is always a list of things I wish would have gone differently but if I could do them over would I? No, I believe everything that has happened in life makes me who I am and where I am today. I wouldn't trade my husband or my beautiful little girl or even my life for that matter. It is nice to think about the "do-over" but from thinking about it I learn my lesson.

lotusgirl said...

There are a few things I'd do over if I could go back, but alas...

As for the TV, that show sounds funny. I wonder if it will show down here sometime.

flashmom said...

all about the do over, myself....every night when i go to bed its a refrain of what i could have done different!

spinregina said...

Ah Lady G; I'm with you.

Carlana, I love your confidence! p.s. welcome back, happy new year, merry xmas

flashmom; I read something that said if you replay the events as you wished they would go, it changes their energy!

spinregina said...

Lady G: I wonder; you can download it on iTunes, I know that. For free. Or maybe on the website?Worth it, if you've got the time!