Saturday, January 17, 2009


All dressed up, and everywhere to go. That was me last week. Looking mighty official, I even got a whistle from the contractors (I mean, really, boys, is it that crazy that I don't wear my lulus every minute of every day?).

I am so lucky. When there is six feet of snow (my editing of late requires me to translate everything into meters; it's nice to know that I can be lazy here) I can remain in my house, sweatpants on, secure in the knowledge that it really would be a waste of good concealer to brighten my eyes.

Let me tell you. I can worry about anything. Anything at all. That might explain why I now have a Red Cross emergency kit, filled with everything necessary to keep a family of four alive for up to four days. And now I think, why did I tell them (by them I mean you). If something happens they know I'm prepared and they (you) might come find me and take my stuff.....

It's in the shed. Look there first.

But seriously, folks, I really can. worry. about. anything. And I was so worried last week; worried that I would be late, that childcare would fall through (that's funny, I have a system all worked out for arranging childcare and it's called Luck, or sometimes more aptly, Misfortune and Poor Planning). How it works is this. Let's say I need childcare for a board meeting or some such. Instead of asking my trusty resources (that makes it sound like I have more than 3 people I can ask) I leave it to the universe. Very Secret of me, I know. I think, perhaps they will cancel the board meeting? Or, maybe my mother will call and say hey, I really wanted to come over to your house to watch the kids at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning? Or...something. What this usually entails is me making a nervous-stomach inducing phone call to said mother the night before and beginning with "of course, you can say no if you want to."

So I worried about anything and his good friend, everything. And you know what? It was freakin' amazing. I talked to terrific people, I said interesting things, I developed relationships. I went out for dinner two nights in a row and then today I went to a Second Series yoga workshop. Never mind that I didn't do a very good "bend over, stick your arms through your legs and wrap them around your back, look at your bum, and now walk around like a little troll." Not much trolling for me. But it was intense and good and I feel like someone took me apart, hammered me down, you know like you do with a tough piece of meat? and put me back together again. Except all sweaty.

I'm sure this stream of consciousness is interesting to no one but me but I'll post anyways so it doesn't look like I have been doing nothing. This may not be much more than nothing, but I will spell check and it still counts in my books.


Lisa and Laura said...

So I know you're Canadian, wear panty hose, and do yoga (I am SO a kickboxing girl) but do you think it's possible that we're leading paralell lives?

As far as worrying goes, last week my 18 month old daughter had a cold and I was convinced it was menengitis. I've always been fond of the philosophy that if you always imagine the worst case scenario, you'll at least be prepared. I'm..ahem...not always a glass half full type of gal.

And your trusty childcare arrangement system that involves luck and poor planning sounds all too familiar - just last week I called a sitter at 9 am to come over for a 12:30 conference call. Ooops.

And on top of all that, you watch Friday Night Lights AND Gossip Girl. If you lived anywhere near me, we would have some kickass play dates.

Anyways, great post. Love your style of writing.

Lady Glamis said...

Hey, your ramblings are interesting to me. :) I worry about everything, too. Especially what people think of me. It's really annoying. Why can't I just be happy and self-assured... and worry-free???

I need to try yoga!

lotusgirl said...

My favorite line: "bend over, stick your arms through your legs and wrap them around your back, look at your bum, and now walk around like a little troll."

You gotta love yoga! Glam you should try it.

I think worry comes with being a woman. As long as it doesn't rule your world completely, you're alright.

And personally, I think your Red Cross emergency kit is just plain old smart. You never know what will happen, and it's good to be prepared.

spinregina said...

L&L: I too, have an 18 month old. Also a 5 year old. We would for sure have playdates. Or I would take your kids so you could write. Or shop.

Lady G; you are totally right. And that is what I'm supposed to be doing in yoga. Must try to translate into Life.

Lotus; thanks for the balance. It's nice to be reassured when my mind is going like sixty!