Monday, February 09, 2009

the power of Words*

Oh god I read the most

There is nothing to say to describe it. Heartbreaking uplifting such sadness I could barely bare it.

Let me preface this by saying do not, as I did, read this book in public. Weeping in a lounge in Banff, surrounded by apr├Ęs-ski Europeans and gliding wait staff is not how to do it. The hotel room was, but I became overwhelmed by sadness and shut the little blue volume up in my suitcase until the drive to the airport.

As I read in the passenger seat I was first reminded that I can't read in moving vehicles and second why I put the book away in the first place. As I hung my head out the window breathing fresh air and being thankful for warm temperatures I thought again how the book is true. All of its heartbreaking sadness is true. Things happen and things that happen are so close.

I couldn't stop myself from crying. Nearly the whole flight tears poured down my face. I would read a few pages and shut the book up, determined to leave it until another day, another year, when I could take it. There were three of us in the row. Jade by the window, me in the middle, and a stranger reading strange magazines on the aisle. I cared, but only a very little, what he thought of me sniffling and wiping with the ratty tissue I found in my purse.

When we got off the plane my face was swollen. I felt raw on the inside.

That is the power of words. That is the power of words, strung together, telling a story. [There is only one other book that made me feel this way; What Girls Learn. Copies are available for around a penny on Amazon (it's the shipping that gets you)]. I felt weak after I finished, exhausted. Sadness has found me throughout the day today, reminding me that the story was real.

Don't let my maudlin thoughts stop you. The story, heartbreaking as it is (and I don't use that word lightly) is still a story of hope. But it doesn't come out all right at the end, and maybe that is what tore my heart apart. Sometimes things just happen. And that is what it is. And this woman is a writer, and so she did the thing that her kind of writer would do. She wrote it all down. I hope that in the telling she found a little bit of peace.


Lady Glamis said...

It sounds wonderful.

I love stories that make us reach into the depths of our hearts and think and feel. Thank you for sharing this.

And yes, the power of words is absolutely amazing.

Lisa and Laura said...

I just ordered both of these books. I can't believe I've never heard of What Girls Learn - it sounds like a book I would love.

McCracken's book sounds amazing, but I know it's going to be a difficult read for me. What mother can bear to read about a woman experiencing a loss like that? I simply can not imagine.

Thanks for the post - these will be great (uplifting!? ha) books for the Bahamas.

Don't you love books that make you want to be a better writer? Have you ever read any Marissa De Los Santos? I bet you'd love her. She's one of my faves.

Captain Hook said...

Wow! I don't think a better review could be given.