Monday, December 28, 2009

They are talking about terrorism again. Talking about security and airlines and bombs and wait times. Cancelled flights. Edgy passengers longs line-ups bag checks and pat-downs.

It might be as simple as this.

I was in an airport on December 24. Coming home from a wonderful vacation but that is another story. Having gone through security (you know, the part where you put all your stuff in the bins and pray to god that you remembered to put all the liquids in little bags and that your nail scissors are in the luggage not your purse) we had breakfast and then us three ladies went for a washroom break.

Any parent knows that on your own the bathroom is a one minute deal. Do your business as fast as you can and get out.

With children it's another story completely. Everyone has to wash their hands "themselves" and that means pulling up sleeves so they aren't dripping wet when done, hosting and holding, drying ("myself") and so on. Gives more time than usual to check out the other people in the bathroom.

There was a lady talking to one of the airport cleaning staff. She was tall and thin. I noticed her because she was zipping up a massive white winter coat. One of those puffy ones, like a North Face but not, and it came down to her knees. Her shape looked funny, kind of triangular in this big jacket, and so I looked.

And saw a cat peeking out of the top of her coat, as she zipped all the way up and tucked the cat in I could see the red leash, same as the one hanging in my garage except mine if for a dog.

I said to the girls, "Look, a kitty," and we smiled and looked for thirty seconds or so and left. I told Jade, "We just saw a woman with a cat in her coat," and that was that. Ten minutes later and we are seated on our plane (we boarded first because of the kidlets) and the woman trundled down the aisle in her massive coat.

"Look!" I said to the girls. "It's the lady with the kitty!" Normally I say cat, not kitty, but with the girls I lapse.

I turned to tell Jade, who was sitting in another row. The woman furrowed her brow and out her finger to her lips. Our eyes connected and I understood; she was sneaking the cat on. We had seen a couple of dogs in little carriers, tucked under seats and so I had just assumed you could take cats on too. But that isn't the point.

What difference does it make, security wise, if someone can manage to take a live animal onto an airplane? If someone meets up with a friend in the bathroom and takes something in their jacket?

No one knew.

And I said to Jade at the time, that could have been a bomb. And unless they figure out that the security line is in the wrong place, maybe one time it will be.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

what happens when a blog dies

Do I mourn it? Miss it? Crave it? Sigh a secret breath of relief?

Do I turn it off/leave it on/run it down


Should I start over or is that crass. Do I try something new, something old, different the same all over again.

Is there anybody out there?

Was there ever.

I'll have to think on this. Perhaps it is time to let it go shut it down find myself a new town.

Thanks for stopping by.