Friday, March 18, 2011

My "Who Will Cry When You Die" Project

It's very likely that whatever I type on these hollowed pages will no longer make it public, and so I expect a certain freedom to reign. Not that I did much self-editing when I was last here, that area probably could have used some work. But since right now, at this very moment, I'm in the process of rediscovering my voice (and, apparently, my ability to type as fast as I can think, a skill obviously not necessary when I was working these past two years), I anticipate free-flowing thoughts, ideas, and hopefully, brutal honesty.

The brutal honesty part is because I've given myself a project. Fitting, given I've worked on nothing but projects the past years. However, due to the very nature of those projects (i.e. they were for someone else) and due to the sheer warp speed at which life was travelling, I let my biggest project falter. Yup, the continuing work that is myself. I've fallen by the wayside, lagged behind, lost ground - all of it. So in the interests of becoming a better person/wife/mother/friend/human being etc. etc. I nominate this as the year it all comes back around.

To put it simply, I was so happy when I left, and I need to get that back.

A good friend recommended Robin Sharma's book "Who Will Cry When You Die?" and as I like very much to order things off the Internet I quickly returned to the familiar halls of My purchase arrived shortly, and I devoured this short text that I still can't believe I hadn't heard of. I mean, jeez, I'm the queen of self help lit. How did I miss this bestseller? I'm going with the theory that things come into your life when you need them, not that I've lost my edge. Yeah, that's it for sure.

The book is comprised of 101 life lessons. My project will be to apply one life lesson per day, recording the lesson and some thoughts on it here. That's the extent of my project plan (see? working on personal plans is just so darn easy - at work I need spreadsheets and calculations and sometimes even the odd graph...this is just my rules - and I can change the rules at any time). Sometimes, maybe, we'll see, I'll inject other musings, but we'll see. There is an entire post on what happened to the writing, but I'm not ready to write that yet...but I'm feeling pretty comfortable here, right now, so we'll just take it one day at a time.

Anyways, from me to me, it's good to be back. It feels much better than I anticipated. See you tomorrow for Lesson One.