Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Triple threat

And so we were talking about our oldest starting the new school year at a Catholic French immersion school. We must think we have a pretty tough kid, given the triple threat of switching schools three times in three years, moving from public to separate system, and into French from English only. Hopefully she forgives us. Her biggest concern, alongside having a hard-sided lunch bag, is the "sign language." I'm like, sign language? Turns out it's the sign of the cross they made in the assembly when she went to check out the new school.

With my limited knowledge of Catholicism, I show her.

"No, it's the sign of the cross. Like this." I demonstrate. "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

"Ghost? What does that mean?"

This is a tough one for me, and so I delay by telling her that is one of the many amazing things she will learn once she goes to her new school.

Not good enough.

" it like a sprite, then?"

Definition of a sprite, from perspective of someone who reads a lot of books with titles such as "Paige and the Magic Tree":

sprite: /sprit/ an elf or fairy.

And I was worried about the French.

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