Tuesday, August 02, 2011

1. Discover Your Calling

I feel a bit like Barbie, trying to figure out if I'm a doctor, a fashionista, Ken's girlfriend, or a cake maker. Those are the Barbie's we have here, anyways, I'm pretty sure there's a Barbie for every profession nowadays.

I have a pretty good idea what my talents are. Trouble is, it took me a while to figure it all out, and I'm not one of those people who knew when they were in grade ten that they were going to be a doctor. If I go way back, I always wanted to be the editor of McLeans. That dream has been passed over somewhat, and I must say I like the new editor quite a lot so I wouldn't want to take that job from him. I also wanted to be a lawyer, and now there are all the studies describing how women are so fed up with the hours that they're leaving the profession in droves, I'm glad I'm not stuck in that rut.

Another issue I struggle with is that I like to have many talents. Interior decorator, writer, event planner, socialite, fashionista, perfect wife, even more perfect mother - it's too much. I need to get a handle on picking one or two and letting the other stuff go.

Or do I? Can't I have several? Maybe some come and go, like the winter of crystal art (I'll have to find that old blog post). Hopefully that comes again. I miss my hand cramping, and ordering tiny pieces of Swarofski crystal off the Internet. Discovering that there are different qualities of glue.

And running comes and goes in my life, dependent on so much, like time and dedication and ease and where I'm at in the generating of children. I forgive the [not] running...why not the [not] writing and the [not] perfect parenting?

I like where I'm going with this. Maybe, for me, the discover your calling has happened. Maybe it's less of discovery and more of, shall I say, get on with it.

I think that's it.

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