Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Year one

Mark the day. The baby is 1 year old. Meaning that in a flash, as per usual, a year of days has passed. Days of new, nights of sitting in the chair, feet on the stool, holding the best thing that there is in the world.

Clarity comes in strange ways. For me, it was this weekend, away from the baby. Watching the babies perched, on dads and moms, in the hotel, the airport. The babies, so sweet. So very, very, incredibly perfect. All of them, their bare feet baby feet, their eyes watching.

We are so lucky, to have babies in our world. And I am so lucky, to have my little baby sleeping upstairs, snug and happy to have her momma back. Happy to be held, to snuggle, to walk holding on tightly now, but now so soon.

Coulda been a princess, yes. It is true. But this is good, too, no?

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