Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Warm ups

Are blogs still around? Do people read them? Write them? I'm not sure anymore. I spent the last 2+ years away, immersed in other stuff like working and parenting and packing and unpacking. I kept up with the reading (just barely), subscribed to ever more magazines, and continued to call Amazon my best friend. But I stopped writing anything but grocery lists and reading anything on the computer.

I opened up this sad sack, this old blog, because of the commitment it entails. I need to have this thing calling me to warm up my fingers and drum up some business in my brain. The seed for the new book is planted and growing and as per, I can't just dive right in. I have to warm up. Just like the gym I guess.

The space has changed. That's one thing. The sounds are still the same, the kids and the music and the hum of the laundry. There is one more kid and in this spot the laundry is closer, but it is all familiar. I'm hoping that the words come back easily and flow the same rate, or perhaps faster and better, but that all remains to be told.

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