Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Best blog

I just stumbled across this AWESOME blog that I found on the Huffington Post, it's called Wide Lawns, and it's super funny.[edit: the blog is not on Huff Post, she writes there and her bio led me to her blog, just to be clear]. So I leave a comment not for any other reason that it was so good and I immediately liked the whole set up and I felt like I had to say something, just to really completely be there. Like, at the blog there.

So anyways this is kind of an aside but also important, I've been blogging here and talking to my life coach and just generally getting my shit together and I'm feeling pretty impressed by my Self, if I might say so. I've been blogging, yes, but it's been closed to the public and if I'm honest, it's pretty dreary stuff. It's exactly what I needed, for sure, I had to get all the crap out in order to have room for new. That's how I roll, I've come to know, if I don't write it down it sort of festers inside. Experiences, thoughts, ideas - I MUST write it down someway, some shape, any form.

Where I'm going with this. So I read a couple posts on this blog and I love them, they make me smile, and I feel motivated and connected and realize that yes, people still do blog and yes, there are good ones out there. And then I scroll to the top of her blog and I see a blog award for being funny and the first thing that pops into my head is maybe I could win one of those.


I mean, even I can see that there has been zero humour in my blog posts lately. I've been in-the-muck sort of stream of consciousness writing, from the gut and the heart and whatever else is the most personal, heartfelt emotional place there is. So perhaps not that award. Perhaps award for most raw? most therapy-like post? most obviously introspective leanings?

But it was so nice to be there, to stand on the edge like I am right now, ready to dive back in and be the writer I know I am. I read this on another blog today and I will have to find it so that I can give credit, but this is what I know.

My value does not diminish because of what I have been through.
And this is what I also know.

I am a writer.

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