Thursday, August 14, 2014

Slow it down

I've been slowing it down. The pace, the movement, the reaction time. Take a moment before the beat, to breathe, to think.
My meditation is on a series where we envision this warm, liquid sunshine pouring in through the top of our head, spreading through our body, melting the stress. At the end of every session Andy, he's the guide, says to "flash" the exercise several times throughout the day. I'm not sure I'm at several, but for sure I do flash it, and for sure it is an instant relax, a sense of heavy calm that floods quickly through.

If I don't get everything done I wanted to, well, who cares. That's different for me, and probably without this horrific knee injury I would still be hurrying, cleaning up and putting away and getting ready. Now, sometimes, it is easier to realize hey, it doesn't really matter if I don't do it. For real. Doesn't matter.

I'm feeling selfish in a good way. I'm taking the time to read and study. Writing and writing and writing. Thinking and learning, stepping back and getting ready and moving on. I know that this day, this moment, is what it is, and if I remember anything at all, that needs to be it.

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