Thursday, March 24, 2016

consider this: (small language warning)

Consider this a big fat fuck you to the terrorists. Consider this a retaliation. A resistance. A refusal to succumb to hate and anger.

(Even though, truth be told, hate and anger toward them and all they do, are easily accessible. Within reach. Without stretching.)

Consider kindness, instead. Consider the $4 flowers at the till. Consider them, for someone else. Consider the smile, it's free. Consider the pay it forward movement or random acts of kindness. Consider the little things that add up and add up and add up, like a paintbrush stroking the world with beautiful colours, so does kindness create beauty. Same somehow.

Consider giving, time or money or effort or even, consider making time, to spend with someone who needs it. Someone you know or don't know.

Consider saying hi to the homeless, even if you don't give money. How is your day? Happy Easter. Consider that looking in their eyes is kindness. Consider a warm pair of socks, extra in your cart, tossed in your car, handed out with that smile.

We are few on our own, but consider the kindness that we can use to infiltrate. To create well organized or loosely organized cells of communication, working behind the scenes, consider the waves of impact as kindness floods airports and schools and streets.

Consider this.

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