Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Don't tell my husband, but last night I ordered a book on Amazon. It was $106. Thankfully, it qualified for free shipping. I'm kind of kidding, you can tell him if you want, but it is a crazy number, isn't it? I was shocked, and I have no trouble at all ordering brand new hardcovers. I actually kind of hate people who refuse to spend money on books. It spells a weird kind of trouble to me, it does, that a person feels they deserve to dip into something that took someone time and effort and perhaps even magic to create, possibly tears and some immense frustration, and people feel that it's ok to borrow the book from someone else. How do artists get paid, I want to ask them, do you feel as though that person should just work for free? Do you like to work for free? Should your company sort of borrow your efforts? I digress; this argument isn't thought out enough to really be here, right now, and this isn't the time or place but obviously I must come back to this, this feeling of entitlement that so many people have, who steal movies and music and generally subvert the creative classes being paid. Yes. This shall be addressed.

Anyways, I have obviously no trouble paying people for their work, even to the tune of that much, although I have to admit I felt much better about the purchase when I realized it was a university textbook. I recall paying much more than that for one textbook, and no, I wasn't in any sort of course that would get me a high paying job, no med school texts for me, mine were feminism tracts and herstorys and I believe the most expensive was the bio text I needed for the Biology 200, reserved for Arts students. It was still quite hard, that class.

So this book that I bought and am super excited about is still on pre-order, so it's going to kill me with anticipation for months now. Critical Thinking, Science, and Pseudoscience: Why we can't trust our brains, by Caleb Lack, Phd. The book sounds like exactly what I need. I'm having trouble with the way everyone is an expert in everything, and how totally crackpot ideas get traction from people who don't know any better and then explode into the mainstream. And lots of these crackpot ideas are embraced by people I love + care about, and I never know how to refute them kindly and I'm hopeful that this book will give me some solid ground and a firm base from which to build my arguments.

And here is where it all becomes about me. I mean, it's my blog, so it's fitting, that every single blog post is a litany of what is going through my head right now, this isn't a style blog or a political blog or whatever else people write about these days. This is what I'm thinking, feeling, and generally working through. I'm more a work in progress, in every sense of the meaning of that, be it emotionally, parentally, physically, spiritually, friendshipily, etc. etc. etc.

What I mean is, I want for me to be able to stand up and name what is wrong when someone tells me their weirdo belief system surrounding whatever it is: that the government is hiding aliens, that the aliens are the government, that vaccines are from aliens, that vaccines are making us aliens. I want to be able to say, no, I have studied, I have learned, I can refute this and this is how.

And I already know that the people who have dived in deep, the people who believe this shit, they won't listen, won't acknowledge, won't budge, but then again maybe, just maybe, a sliver of light will show, and they will listen, and things can change away from this culture of fear and mistrust towards something more inclusive. Where we don't think the government and the man and the science is not on our side. Where we all feel the weight of personal responsibility, where we think that we must become experts in everything because the experts aren't really experts and they don't have our best interests at heart anyways.

Wouldn't that be kind of peaceful?

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Unknown said...

Ok it's Cheryl. I don't have a google account 😳BUT Omg! That was great! Totally relate to the fanaticism of some people. Believes so engrained that it permeates their being. I think they are aliens. I also could rant about not paying artists for their work. Books, music, movies...it does get expensive. How was the book?