Monday, April 04, 2016

Election meandering

Provincial elections were today. Gratitude for democracy yada yada followed by frustration with my first world problems. As in, the election voter card which I of course checked carefully for errors but not carefully enough, apparently, misdirected me to a church I had to google map to find. It's okay, it all worked out, but it's also a good thing I went to yoga to breathe right before said incident. As I said, first world, all the way today.

Yoga was perfect in the sense that on Mondays it is yin, which is hard only if you don't like lying down and stretching for an hour. I'm sure I do know people who don't like to lie down in a warm room, with a soothing voice directing you to breathe and find that sweet spot of stretch versus pain, but I really can't imagine it. I think they would be liars or just haven't tried it. Now I'm going to get 10 emails telling me why someone doesn't like yoga or it just isn't for them. Don't bother, it's okay. You want to be crazy and tight feel free. Or not so free, as it happens.

After yoga I assessed the wind and determined that the 0 degrees was about 5 degrees short of how warm my jacket was and I skipped walking around the lake. I had already taken the dry-cleaning in, which somehow annoys me with it's never ending picking up and dropping off requirements, so I felt ahead of the game. The next 45 minutes lay in gorgeous limbo for me. Should I go to the new Save On foods and get a coffee? No, that sounded quite decadent to my ears however even one extra shot of caffeine during the day wreaks havoc with my sleeping 8 hours later. Perhaps I could go home and change the laundry from the washer to the drier and thus put myself ahead by one basket. Nah. I truly have all afternoon for laundry so no real win there. I know, I've been feeling so tired that Husband said, do you think you might be iron deficient? All you ever say is how tired you are. I tend that way, iron deficient, and also deficient in the motivation to continue on iron supplements (let's be honest, it tastes completely revolting), so perhaps he is onto something. I stopped at Old Fashioned foods which unfortunately was having its customer appreciation day and so the parking lot was packed with little old ladies, circling with angry faces, looking for a spot. I double parked and was in and out in five. I've already taken two doses. Seriously, it's still awful.

I went home and ate something, I can't recall what it was which means it was a mash up of leftovers. Ah yes, a taco salad minus all the fun ingredients like corn and salsa and black olives. I threw some black beans on taco flavoured ground beef and now that I'm thinking of it, didn't even put cheese. No wonder lunch was not wonderful. I did change the laundry, however, putting me about 1/2 hour ahead of the game I'm playing where no one keeps track of the score except me. Somehow, though, I'm always losing.

I got back in the van, drove towards where I thought I was to vote, realized the street numbers were running out, pulled over, and google mapped the location. Not too far, but further than what I would have thought. I didn't give it a second thought, however, buoyed by my successes of the morning (yoga, laundry, and iron purchase), and found the church. Thinking thoughts of gratitude for being able to vote, for getting a good parking spot, for seeing easily the signs that said "Vote here." 

The lady working the door could tell I was wrong almost immediately, showing me how the information in the centre of the card, the most highlighted, obvious information, was the advance polling information. The actual voting day info, the important day, the big kahuna, if you will, was in small type, bottom of the card. Seriously. What the eff. 

She was very kind, I was nice, she said she'd had at least fifty people who had come to the wrong polling station. That made me feel better, better to be lost in a crowd of 50 than the lone wolf who can't follow directions. 

It all worked out, of course it did, the polling station was exactly where I thought it should be, about a block and a half from our house. I got it done, hopefully I marked the ballot correctly although that's beyond remedy now. I don't mean correctly in terms of candidates, you sly foxes who were ready to poke me and question my politics. I know I did that part right. But the X, the marking of the X, the folding of the ballot. All far too complicated for a woman just trying to get some laundry done.

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