Thursday, July 14, 2016

Creativity Notebook: Hobbies, Jobs, Career, & Vocation

On a daily basis I perform, typically, the following tasks. Some days better than others.
  • Cleaning of and caring for self
  • Prompting of cleaning and caring for 3 others under the age of 12
  • Making of breakfasts, lunches, suppers
  • Registering for and then providing transportation to and from events and programming
  • Laundry and laundry related (i.e. steaming of clothes, facilitating dry cleaning)
  • General and more intensive tidying
  • Mediating disputes
  • Disputing quality of chores, disputing screen time limits
  • Seasonal activities (i.e. sweeping of leaves, getting water off the pool cover)
  • Arranging social activities
  • General counselling services, motivational speaking, etiquette training
  • Grocery shopping (NEVER-ENDING)

Weekdays and weekends are much the same. 

I wish I could do more reading, both mindless reading and thoughtful reading. Currently it's mostly mindless. By mindless I mean reading to read, and by thoughtful I mean paying attention to dialogue, pacing, structure, and quality.

I also wish I could do some more writing, working on my class, and planning next stages of writing. I wish I could go to yoga more and meditate more.

Now she [Elizabeth Gilbert of the workshop] wants me to draw a chart but that never went that well for me when I was working so I will instead just make a list. Feel free to opt out now, I never said this was interesting to anyone but me.

  • Write in white notebook
  • Blog
  • Read books, magazines, newspapers, the back of the cereal box
  • Listen to Audible
  • Art
  • Yoga
  • Spin
  • Walk around the lake
  • Caring for family
  • No career
  • Writing
Hobbies are things I love to do. A Job is something I do because I need to do it. In our house, the way it works is my job is to look after the house and family. It's tricky, when this is your job, as it is all-consuming. This means that if I had a bad day I can't leave it at the office. The trade off is that if I'm having a bad day I don't have to change out of my pyjamas. 

I'm not sure I need to worry about moving any of my Hobbies out of their category into the Job category, as I have thought about becoming a yoga teacher but it doesn't call me, I have no interest in teaching spin, my art is personal and unless I become a dog walker no one is going to pay me to walk around the lake. Perhaps at some point the writing will pay, but whether it does or does not matters not at all as it is something that I will continue to do. Hence, Vocation.

This conversation about jobs/hobbies/vocation/career is something I have struggled with all my life. I don't have a career, and I don't necessarily feel badly about that. I admire people who do, people who are dedicated to and get great joy out of their work get my kudos and admiration. Perhaps had I pursued a career and if I were nestled in academia somewhere I, too, would get something out of a career but typically what I have had were "jobs," meaning, things that paid the bills. Or a portion thereof, anyways. Don't get me wrong, I had some really great jobs. It's amazing how much fun a person can have in a job, when you don't have to worry about going further or being the best. 

I need to be sure to keep on keeping on. I need to study and write and keep the vocation a vocation. To be curious and to follow through on curiosity.

Because these are the things that make me luminescent. 

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